My Birthday

I decided that my first post should be about my birthday. I mean my birthday cakes, more exactly!

On my actual birthday day, I asked my mom to make a Chocolate Biscuit Cake, that she used to make for my brother and I when we were little. I was so glad to see my mom cooking kids food, because she did such a great job cooking for us.

Then, I decided to celebrate my birthday with another friend and, of course, I promised her I would make her a cake. I chose a coconut cake and modified the recipe to my baking beliefs.

When I make cakes or desserts for people, I want to make something that represents them, that I know they would like. I am a beginner in my hobby an there are some baking fails, but I learn from every of them, so people that taste my desserts will be happy everytime. Mainly, I cook for others, so it is of high importance to me to see that people are enjoying my dishes.

Therefore, I like to make desserts healthier and I replace ingredients and like to experiment that is why sometimes I fail, but things that turn out as they should are greatly appreciated.

Anyway, more of my lifestyle and thoughts will be shared throughout every post and I hope they will inspire people as others have inspired me.