All that salad

Recently I started re-eating salads. Mhhh what a lovely experience it has proven to be. I just wish I could have a farmer’s market closer, like I have at home. But no worries Tesco will always be here (I hate Tesco). And soon so will Sainsbury’s. But the truth is Aldi has a great range of SCOTTISH& BRITISH fruit and vegetables. Yep! you did not see this comming did you?!

Aldi’s British Cox’s apples are sooo delicious and sweet and perfect, while Tesco has a great range of overseas apples that break your teeth and pockets if you are really keen on eating fruits daily.

Scotland has proven a very good home for cauliflower and broccoli so I have been eating a lot of these lately…from soup to salad. Stay tuned to get inspired on how to use broccoli and cauliflower.

Romaine Lettuce has proven to be so tasty so I bought two packs and experimented.


Jamie Oliver, and any food lover would agree that the key to a good salad is the dressing. So what I did to enchance and enrich the flavours of my daily salads was to dress the romaine lettuce leafs with houmous (homemade recipe here), vinegar and pepper. If you are a fan of spices you can add dried basil, oregano, thyme, coriander etc.

After this step I just went with what I had in the fridge…good stuff of course.

Chicken Salad

As you may notice the ingredients added to the dressed lettuce are:

Cherry Tomatoes and Chicken.

How I cooked the chicken: I had chicken fillets, cut them in slimmer pieces, mixed them with a sauce made of passata, olive oil, pepper and dried basil, small oven safe dish and put them in the preheated oven for approx. 20 min. It’s as simple as that.

Raw Cauliflower and Carrot Batons Salad

The added ingredients to the dressed lettuce are:

Carrot batons (cut by hand, not bought)

green olives

cherry tomatoes

Raw Cauliflower may sound weird to many of you, but it is sooo good with houmous. And it is crunchy. The secret is to cut it into small bouquets. ya?

To add taste you can use some of the brine from the olives.

The Pink Salad

The addes ingredients to the dressed lettuce are:

Cooked beetroot

raw cauliflower


cooked salmon

To cook the salmon, in any shape you may have bought it, the easiset thing is to cook it in the oven with some spices, for 10 min. When it is done do not forget to squeeze lots of lemon juice over it. You know what to do with the rest of the ingredients!

I hope that you will enjoy these salad ideas and experiment yourself new salads! It is easy to eat healthy, as long as you don not think too hard about what exactly is in the chicken, how was the salmon cut, how much nitrogen was used to grow the carrots or if the salad was washed with water and chloride.

However, this is not the case with most Scottish& British vegetables or meats. So I have been told. Therefore do try these recipes!