Some kids hate Spinach

We all know the famous cartoons Popeye the Sailor Man and that they were invented so kids would want to eat the glorious spinach and get stronger. After all, Spinach is a Superfood.

Later on in life we learn that spinach is soo good for us: packed with nutrients, low in calories, green and available readily washed in bags. Although I do reccommend that you buy fresh spinach from the market as an alternative to the packed one. But this may be do-able in Romania, in the UK things are different. Check out some population health statistics.

Anyway, my grandma used to cook the hell out of spinach. I am sure no nutrients were left but it was good. She would boil it and chop it up and then add it in a pot with a bit of flour for thickness, milk for smoothness and garlic because it goes well with spinach. It was good though.

Then I grew up and listened to Jamie Oliver (yes, I have to mention his name in every post) saying that if cooked spinach looses its precious vitamins. Since then this is how I eat spinach:

It may not look good to you (I’m used to it), but it is good for you. You don’t have to eat it like this anyway: this mixture can be mixed with hoummous and served on oatcackes, you can mix it with ricotta as a filling for canelloni or vegetarian lasagna or whatever crosses your mind.

So, Ingredients:

Spinach, obviously. As much as you want




Olive Oil



Wash the spinach, place it in a colander, in the sink and pour boiling water over it. If the spinach is a bit tougher you may want to place it in a metal/glass/wooden/ceramic (NOT PLASTIC) bowl and soak it in boiling water. Once it is softer, drain it really well and place it in a food processor. (If you do not have a food processor you can use a knife and chop the spinach until it becomes a like paste.)

Add salt, pepper, oilve oil and lemon to taste and blend again. Transfer into a bowl and it is ready. You can mix it with yoghurt for a creamier composition.

Usually at home, I get a different texture than the one I get here because spinach in the Old Country is better then the one in Scotland. hihihi